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We, Monsters of Light

Travertine and plexiglass, 2015
Private collection

Written by Antonella Gerbi

The work looks like a slightly cakeed stone stele, stretched upwards, in which is inserted a fragment of plexiglass. This is the center, the center of everything, the point where the latent energy manifests itself and is released. Between one element is born and dies the incision in the travertine, delicate, as if it were an elusive thought made solid. The work is part of the research that I've been carrying out for the last two years and that moves around the representation of the se'.


The oneself represented therefore and anyway through sculpture. The will, to which I have now consciously abandoned myself, is to want to give back to the sculpture that identity role of human sensations and denials that today more than before represent the challenges for each of us. It is clear that all my research wants to be a writing in fragments, without pretensions of globality, a postmodern deconstruction: fragments of one's time that survive everyday life. I do not want to create a unified, complete and violent vision, rather to create a solid and rarefied poem together, subtle, a narrative in which unequal formal identities coexist but still linked, all, to a poetic, lived without lies.

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